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What the world is saying about
the Independent Media Center

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CNN - The World Today
Wednesday, December 1st, 2000
With a home video camera and the help of a friend with a strong back, this woman attempts to get a different perspective on the demonstrations in Seattle's streets. She's one of some 400 volunteers who wear the press badge,

The Village Voice
August 8, 2000, Tuesday
Section: Features; Pg. 50
Byline: C.Carr
"Six global corporations control all the media in this country,'' says Eric Galatas of Free Speech TV, who's been part of each media center so far. ''We had a saying in Seattle: We were trying to break through the information blockade.'' So while the major networks reported the official police line that no rubber bullets were fired, for example, the Seattle center posted photos of the rubber bullets on the Internet, forcing the professional news gatherers to change their stories.

San Francisco Chronicle
Tuesday, December 7th 1999
The Independent Media Center (IMC) was set up with thrift shop furniture and donated computers, and was conceived as a way to get the real story out about the World Trade Organization protests without the hype and corporate filters of the mainstream media.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Tuesday, August 1, 2000
Byline: Jonathan Storm and Thomas Ginsberg
This dispatch is brought to you by the corporate media. Every effort has been made to ensure that it is fair and informative. But that's not enough for about 1,000 independent journalists who have come to Philadelphia to cover the Republican National Convention their way. That is, telling stories without filters, without a company paycheck, each reporter responsible for his or her own words and pictures. The indies are part of a burgeoning grassroots movement, the Independent Media Center, with 20 branches around the world… The Internet has given them power ( and are summary sites), but the convention has provided the platform for national, live, independent TV coverage. It is beamed nightly, via a network that includes public-access cable stations, a handful of PBS stations, and direct satellite, to four million Dish Network subscribers on Channel 9415, Free Speech TV.

Los Angeles Times
August 1, 2000, Tuesday, Home Edition
Section: Part A; Part 1; Page 18; National Desk
Byline: Jeff Leeds
It's 8 a.m., and the revolution is being shown on public access channels… "What we're trying to do is create a platform where other voices can be heard," said Brian Drolet, an organizer with the Free Speech TV channel, which is carrying the satellite broadcast. [Amy] Goodman's two-hour program was beamed to the 3.1 million homes subscribing to the Dish Network, 30 public access cable channels around the country, dozens of radio stations in the Pacifica Network and the Internet. "This is a chance to expose the raw anatomy of power," Goodman said. "If you think the story is money in politics, the convention is where the news is being made. This is what democracy looks like in America today."

The Washington Post
August 11, 2000, Friday, Final Edition
Section: A; Pg. A04
Byline: Rene Sanchez
"That was a big issue in Philadelphia," said Brian Drolet, director of a Web site called Free Speech TV, which is planning to air many of the protests on the Internet. "The question is with such a range of issues, is any message really getting across?" “…There are many, many issues people will be talking about. But the core issue in all of this is that our political system is being bought by corporations.”

Christian Science Monitor
December 3, 1999, Friday
(IMC’S) … serve as a role model for a kind of democratic reporting made possible by new and emerging technologies.

Swedish Anarchist Magazine
June 6th, 2000
Front cover of issue with IMC logo.

BBC News
Friday, April 14, 2000
Protestors in the streets of Washington hope to continue the momentum from Seattle, and about 400 independent print, TV, radio and internet journalists hope to make sure that the whole world is watching.

April 15-30, 1999
By April 15th, some thousand volunteer media-makers had registered to play their part. Up a ladder, on a storage shelf-turned studio, camera-people shot interviews. Barely a week later, a video documentary was available via satellite for public access stations (and others) to broadcast.

December 6th, 1999
Comprehensive, powerful and immediate coverage of the dizzying array of activities and clashes on the Seattle streets showcased, really for the first time, the independent media’s capacity to provide multifacted, in-depth coverage of a world-shaping news event.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999
Independent journalists from all over the United States are contributing to the IMC, producing content in video, audio, text and photos. The stories are instantly published on the web using a system specifically developed by Free Speech TV for grassroots media efforts.

Colorado Daily
August 16, 2000, Wednesday
Byline: Michael A. de Yoanna
…police, acting on what they said was a bomb threat, disrupted a scheduled television broadcast by Free Speech TV and the Independent Media Center. "We weren't able to get the show on air," said Chase Pierson, a Boulder resident who is covering demonstrations for Free Speech TV. "We're researching this, but I think it's the first time a live broadcast has been interrupted in this manner." "They obviously weren't too concerned about the safety of the area," Pierson said. "It took two-and-a-half hours for the bomb squad to even show up. If the threat had been real, wouldn't they have been there in seconds? "It's a pattern of strategic disruption of our broadcasts," Pierson added. "They did similar things in Philadelphia."

Seattle Times
Thursday, December 23rd , 1999
"Showdown" has already enjoyed a week of packed local screenings, and more are planned when the holidays are over. The tape itself is proving a popular holiday gift.

Pacific News Service
August 22, 2000, Tuesday
Section: Commentary
Byline: Sarah Ferguson
Organizers also plan "guerrilla debates" for third-party candidates Ralph Nader and Patrick Buchanan, to be broadcast to more than 100 public access cable TV stations, as well as the 2-million-subscriber-base Free Speech TV network. Live-streaming video, audio, and print coverage of street protests around the world via the Internet give activists a strong alternative media network.

Wall Street Journal
Thursday, May 28 1998
Webcasters who are truly exploring the limits of the new technology are the so-called ‘community webcasters’ such as Free Speech Internet TV.

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"information is
the currency
of democracy."
- Thomas Jefferson

In the latest edition of his groundbreaking book THE MEDIA MONOPOLY (Beacon Press, 2000), Ben Bagdikian reports that six multi-national conglomerates now dominate all media in the U.S. INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL hopes to turn the current TV info-tainment paradigm on its head.

On NEWSREAL, people -- not corporations -- make the news.

The European Newsreal is an independent media network of regional production and screening groups for the European wide distribution of videos covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media.

Click here to find showtimes for Newsreal on Free Speech TV.

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