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Indymedia is a series dedicated to giving front-line progressive activists their own television show. You can help by covering actions in your home town. Indymedia is looking for current reports of people taking action to achieve progressive social, environmental and economic justice. Segments can be up to 12 minutes in length.

For all the information you need to get your segment in Newsreal please read:


Printable producer guide: Download PDF (103K)
Printable release forms: Download PDF (17K)

last modified on Fri Nov 26 21:13:22 2004

"information is
the currency
of democracy."
- Thomas Jefferson

In the latest edition of his groundbreaking book THE MEDIA MONOPOLY (Beacon Press, 2000), Ben Bagdikian reports that six multi-national conglomerates now dominate all media in the U.S. INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL hopes to turn the current TV info-tainment paradigm on its head.

On NEWSREAL, people -- not corporations -- make the news.

The European Newsreal is an independent media network of regional production and screening groups for the European wide distribution of videos covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media.

Click here to find showtimes for Newsreal on Free Speech TV.

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